Monday, 7th September 2020

1:15 p.m. - 2:10 p.m.

Choose your grade level or discipline.

First Year Teachers

Important Management and Protocol Practices

Official Photo Jerome Forbes.jpg

Presenter: Jerome Forbes (District Superintendent)

Summary: The expectations of the District Superintendent with respect to teacher behaviours and social interactions in the workplace and in general.


  1. Discuss a rationale for Professional Practices

  2. Review aspects of Bahamian Law which govern School Management and  School Protocol Practices

  3. Evaluate the Importance of following Good Protocol which is defined as “Professional Etiquette” or “Good Manners”

  4. Show how good Management Practices lead to good Schools



Procedures for the Management of Government Preschools in a COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenters: Leja Burrows, Ellen Rhodriquez, Theresa Hunter, Joanna Neely & Janette Hall

This session will present to internal stakeholders  the procedures for the management of preschools in a face to face environment during the COVID-19 pandemic based on national protocols.

Grade 3 

A Thematic Approach: Integrating Science Concepts in the Interdisciplinary Unit

Presenter: Barbara L. Dorsett

Using “Round Table Talk”, participants will be exposed to basic science concepts necessary in the implementation of the Interdisciplinary unit.

Grade 6

Focus On Youth -Bahamas HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction Curriculum 

Presenters: Lynette Deveaux, Richard Adderley, Lakiska Russell, Sandy Edwards, Maxwell Poitier & Glenda Rolle

 The goal of the webinars are to increase teachers’ comfort level with and competence in discussing sensitive topics such as human sexuality as well as teaching the FOY and HFLE curricula at all grade levels. 

Grade 1

Language Arts: "Showing the Connections"

Presenters: Gwendeline Conliffe; Yienderia Martin

The session will provide general information and strategies to support virtual teaching of the Language Arts. Within the Language Arts, Reading’s five components are to be taught holistically to develop proficient readers. Grammar, Spelling and Handwriting skills are not to be taught in isolation but integrated to improve students’ writing.

Grade 4

Spiraling the Social Studies Strands in Fourth Grade

Presenters: Lonice Hart, Shantel Paul, Indira Coleby

The session will assist participants to be cognizant of the importance of the interconnectedness of the strands as well as the importance of summative assessment. Participants will be given opportunities to create assessment strategies such as Google Slides, Live Worksheets, Quizzizz and Kahoot to assist with evaluating students understanding.

Primary Performing Arts

Performing Arts Expectations

Presenter: Antoinette Thompson

Teachers would be abreast of the expectations for 2020 - 2021. They will also be made aware of the progress of the music curriculum and encouraged to use the curriculum map of topics as a teaching guide for this new school year.​​

Grade 2 

Mathematics: "Promote to Succeed"

Presenter: Dr. Joan Rolle

Knowledge and understanding are fundamentals to studying mathematics and form the base from which to explore concepts and develop problem-solving skills. Through knowledge and understanding, students develop mathematical reasoning to make deductions and solve problems.

Grade 5

Strategies for New Adventures in Religious Studies

Presenter: Shirley L. Ferguson

In this session teachers will explore the R.S. pacing chart, themes that allow for cross curricular connections and resources that could be used in the blended learning classroom.

Primary Computer Studies

Topic Here

Presenter: EO Bernadette Murray



Performing Arts (High School)

Planning, Preparation and Execution of Instruction in the Digital Era

Presenter: Mrs. Perrise Saunders Simon

Let's Discuss: Planning steps for an online lesson. How to prepare for a live session. Tools that can help with executing an interactive live lesson.

High School Mathematics

Integrating Differentiated Techniques With Remote Lesson Planning

Presenter: Allyce Pratt

Discuss options for presenting content using the best layouts, visuals, games, questioning and order of information based on the class and ability level.

Social Studies Junior High

Part 2 Bringing Social Studies to Life: “Applying, Themes and Disciplines”

Presenters: EO Sally Johnson & . Andrea Watkin

The purpose of this session is twofold: • To address the need to inform Social Studies teachers about the restructuring and integration of the proposed revised Curriculum. • b) To introduced teachers to the National Pacing Guide to be implemented.

Modern Languages

A Whole New World

Presenter: EO Dulcie Armbrister

Welcome educators in Modern Language Unit from Primary to Senior High to a “new normal” for the new school year and discuss pertinent information.

Language Arts (High School)

Creating Digital Worksheets

Presenter: Yasmin Glinton

Provide teachers with the skills to create digital worksheets to share with students as a means of assessment.

Agricultural Science

Best practices in teaching agricultural science in a virtual environment

Presenter: Dr. Reveena Hanna, BAMSI Executive Director

In this session, teachers will learn strategies to support effective teaching and learning in the virtual classroom.

Religious Studies

“Embracing the New Normal in Teaching Religious Studies”

Presenter: Ms. Ruth E. Pennerman

Educators will become more familiar with strategies on how to organise and teach in the 3 models.

Visual Arts

(Primary & High School Teachers)

Teaching Techniques for Visual Arts in a Virtual Classroom

Presenter: Katrina Cartwright

This seminar highlights and explores learning techniques that art educators have utilised for effective distance learning with grades 7- 12 students. 

Physical Education 

(Primary & High School Teachers)

Guidelines for a Virtual PE Platform: The Role We Play

Presenter: EO Clara Storr

Teachers will be able to find useful ways to maneuver through a virtual class environment.

Health & Family Life (High School)

Pacer Guidelines 

Presenter: Rujean Hart

Introducing the concept. Discussion. Writing of objectives.

Social Sciences

Navigating the Civics Curriculum Guide

Presenters: Tamara Rolle & Bevil Clarke

Teachers will discuss approaches to the proposed curriculum topics Teachers will share best practices in lesson planning Teachers will give input on integrative approaches including differentiated instruction.


The Building Blocks to Quality Online Teaching and Learning

Presenter: Mrs. Sharnell Robinson

Discuss the importance of standards in teaching an online learning. Discuss how science teachers must cultivate the skills and create opportunities to demonstrate/practice the standards.


Business Studies Junior

Pathway through Pacing Guides for Computer Studies and Entrepreneurship

Presenter: EO Aldeka Colebrooke

This session will be used to explain to teachers what is expected when using the pacing guide and creating resource packages for students.

Family & Consumer Studies

 “Building Resilience for Challenging Times”

Presenter: Ms. Raquel Turnquest

This webinar seeks to familiarize all Family and Consumer Science Teachers with the necessary procedures to be followed or strategies to be employed to cope with a shift between any and all of the School Reopening Models developed by the Department of Education.

Business Studies Senior

“Welcome Our Business Studies Teachers to 2020/2021 School Year”

Presenter: Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson

This session is designed to discuss the purpose of pacing guides and their implementation and to outline the benefits of team teaching and its implementation.

Technical Studies

Classroom Management in a Virtual World

Presenter: EO Rochelle Scott

Teachers will be given tools and techniques to help them manage classrooms and also virtual discipline techniques which they can implement.


Differentiating Instruction for Students with Special Educational Needs via Remote/Virtual Learning.

Special Education

Presenter: Mr. Samuel Nelson

Differentiation means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. Whether teachers differentiate content, process, products, or the learning environment, the use of ongoing assessment and flexible grouping makes this a successful approach to instruction.

The Revised Education Act 1996

Attendance Officers

Presenter: Supt. James Miller

Royal Bahamas Police Force

Provide some clarity on the subject in question such as the rights of officers, possessing the same powers and privileges as police constables

Guidance & Counselling


Presenters: Mazorian Powell & Clevette Gibson

This session will include an introduction and review of available school counsellor resources to ensure the safe reopening of school (virtual and inperson). Counsellors will be guided through novel and revisited networking, counselling, and collaboration strategies.