Thursday, 10th September 2020

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


First Year Teachers

Insurance Matters for New Teachers

(Colina Group Insurance)

Presenter: Cheryl Martins & O’neil Stubbs

Summary: Colina is pleased and honored to be the health insurance carrier of choice for the Ministry of Education of The Government of The Bahamas. They are committed to the delivery of exceptional customer service, supported by the experience and expertise that their medical and administrative staff bring to Colina’s Group & Health Benefits Department.



Creating Dynamic Digital Resources 

Presenters:  Simone Laing, 
Jihan Dumont, Thalia Sawyer Roberts, Roberta Delancy & Inderia Poitier


Digital Resources are often made up of separate digital media including text, video, images and sound. These are the building blocks which are often used to make composite learning objects. Participants will be given an opportunity to use the individual elements to create their own learning resources. Digital learning resources can add great value to the quality of teaching and to the learner's experience. There are many existing resources that are available. This session will allow stakeholders (Administrators, Teachers and Teacher’s aides) to explore a selection of these resources.  

Grade 3 

Components of a Practical Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) lesson 

Presenters: Barbara L. Dorsett (EO) & Althera Theophilus
Participants will view and discus a live interdisciplinary unit lesson, utilizing these components.

Grade 6 

Creating Mathematics Videos

Presenters: Ms. Antonia Bain; Dr. Joan D. Rolle

Technology provides dynamic opportunities for instruction in mathematics and STEM classrooms. Teachers can enhance the
learning process and make concepts come alive through engaging and interactive media.

Grade 1

Social Sciences: “Making the Connections”

Presenters: Gwendeline Conliffe; Yienderia Martin

The session will provide clarity on the intents and purposes of the Interdisciplinary Units. The Interdisciplinary Units are simply Thematic Units designed to integrate the four Social Sciences across five Themes.

Grade 4

Stir it Up…Literacy in Religious Studies!

Presenters: Philippa Rolle, S.M. Alexandria Ferguson, T.T.

This workshop seeks to expose teachers to literacybased instructional strategies that could be used to improve content-area learning. Key reading strategies that work in every content area will be explored. These include the following: activate prior knowledge, infer meaning, use word attack strategies, visualize and use graphic organizers. These strategies will be applied to content from the Primary Religious Studies Curriculum during the workshop. Teachers will also be exposed to online resources that could be utilized.

Primary Performing Arts

Create Your Own ‘Tings’

Presenter: Mrs. Deceya Scott

Sharing of recently created virtual music lessons for grades 1-6.

Grade 2 

Social Sciences: “Making the Connections”

Presenters: Gwendeline Conliffe; Yienderia Martin

The session will provide clarity on the intents and purposes of the Interdisciplinary Units. The Interdisciplinary Units are simply Thematic Units designed to integrate the four Social Sciences across five Themes.

Grade 5

Effective Use of Social Media in the Classroom- (Facebook)

Presenters: Joanne Turnquest & Lonice Hart

This session will assist teachers to effectively integrate Social Media, namely Facebook, into class lessons, assignments and homework. Participants will learn how to perform the role of an administrator in a group or page and to set roles or privileges to certain persons. The participants will be given strategies to develop digital citizenship, in their students by setting rules for the operation of the group or page, submission of work, and online behavior.

Primary Computer Studies

Creating Interactive worksheet

Presenter: Mrs. Nicola Archer

Format an interactive worksheet. Insert images, audio and video into worksheet.


Performing Arts (High School)

Teaching Music BGCSE in the Virtual Environment

Presenter: Ms. Lakisha Johnson

High School Mathematics

Website Resources for the High School Mathematics Class.

Presenters: K. Pinder-Rolle & K. Newbold

We will look at a few websites that you can use in your Math class as we enter the 2020- 2021 school year.

Social Studies Junior High

Utilizing Canva for Education to create Social Studies Content Part 2

Presenters: Mrs. Sherell Edwards 

In (3) one-hour sessions teachers will be exposed to a tech tool called Canva for education. Teachers will explore the Tech tool, Canva for Education and use this tool to produce Social Studies digital content to share with students, parents, and colleagues. Canva for Education, however, can create downloadable content for digital or in-person distribution.

Modern Languages

Differentiated Learning and Assessment

Presenter: Mrs. Phyllis Carey & Mrs.Sonia Adderley

Facilitators will discuss differentiated learning and assessment.

Language Arts (High School)


Presenter: Wendy Bowe & Keva Knowles

Microsoft Forms

Agricultural Science

Uncover your students’ learning - Online Assessments In the Agricultural Science Classroom

Presenter: Janice Rolle

Assessing students today helps us know what to do tomorrow! Once students have a chance to practice and extend their learning, it’s time for them to show what they know.  In this session, teachers will explore assessments tools to enhance learning. 

Religious Studies

“Enhancing Students’ Argumentative Skills through Judgement and Personal Response Essay Writing”

Presenter: Mrs. Loressa Thompson

In order for students to improve in the subject of Religious Studies, they must not only be knowledgeable about the Bible and moral issues, but master the Judgement and Personal Response (JPR) writing skill. Students must be able to agree and/or disagree with a given statement and support it with using biblical and real life stories. In addition, they must give a conclusion. In this session, teachers will improve their pedagogical skills in teaching this component of the BJC and BGCSE Examinations. Hence, there should be an improvement in students’ (candidates’) overall performance in both the internal and external examinations.

Visual Arts

(Primary & High School Teachers)

Assessing Art Content using Kahoot and Live Worksheets

Presenter: Nadia Smith

Many teachers are adjusting and adapting to the new norm of online learning. In this workshop, teachers will experience the ease of assessing students using two virtual tools Live Worksheets and Kahoot.

Health & Family Life (High School)

Webinar 3 Focus on Youth

Presenters: Lynette Deveaux and team

Model SODA Step2-3 Quiz on 3 key points of the model.

Social Sciences

Utilizing the Geography Curriculum Pacing Guide

Presenters: Latoya Francis, Janet Parker-Rolle & Robert Nabb

Geography teachers will give recommendations on the pacing guide. Teachers will be present and give input.


Graphing and Mathematical Operational Tools

Presenter: Mrs. C. Neely

This session will allow teachers to see how they can assist students with graphs and analyzing data virtually.

Physical Education

(Primary and High School Teachers)

Creating a Safe Workstation for Educators

Presenter: Dr. Miquela Rolle 

Providing teachers with strategies to assist them in teaching remotely. Also, giving de-stressing methods.


Business Studies Junior

Scratching Coding in the Virtual Classroom

Presenter: EO Aldeka Colebrooke

During this session teachers will be able to demonstrate the use of Scratch Coding and create their own project using Scratch.

Family & Consumer Studies

Formative and Summative Assessment 2020 and Beyond *Unit Test *Final Examination *Digital Portfolio

Presenter: Ms. Raquel Turnquest

This webinar seeks to familiarize all Family and Consumer Science Teachers with the necessary procedures to be followed or strategies to be employed to cope with a shift between any and all of the School Reopening Models developed by the Department of Education.

Business Studies Senior

“An Introduction to the Career Path for Bahamian Teachers”

Presenter: Education Officer Mrs. Demetira Rolle

This webinar will introduce the Career Path to teachers, outline the promotional assessment procedures, help teachers to determine whether they are eligible to apply for promotion, and give them guidelines for successful application.

Technical Studies

NCCER Certification-Workshop Wrap-Up

Presenters: Alexander Darville & Mark Hughes


Special Education

Training for assessment in remote learning in the post –COVID classroom.

Presenter: Mr. Collin Hutchinson 

Shared feedback of examples that would apply in virtual assessment.

Attendance Officers

How to use the virtual platform to track students’ attendance

Presenter: Anzlo Strachan

Officers would gain working knowledge on how to use the new virtual platform and discuss any potential challenges.

Guidance & Counselling


Presenters: ISRA-Aid Volunteers

World view and approaches to school re-openings during Covid 19 presented by ISRA-Aid.

School Psychologists 

Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan: Creating Student Success

Presenter: Mrs. Antoinette Lewis-Deveaux and Mrs. Lauren Smith

Interactive session where participants will team up to conduct an  FBA and write a BIP using a case study