Friday, 11th September 2020

10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.


First Year Teachers

Insights Into The Student Services & Student Development Sections

Presenters: ADE Patronella Rolle & Principal Dwayne Higgins

The Session will provide new teachers with a general overview of The Student Development Section and Student Services



Assessing Preschoolers in a Virtual Learning Environment

Presenters: Linda Regis & Darryl Poitier

This session will present types of assessments which can be used to effectively assess student performance in a virtual classroom. Tips for selecting and developing authentic, reliable and valid assessments will be discussed. Participants will develop a sample of an appropriate virtual assessment for preschoolers.

Grade 3 

Components of a Practical Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) lesson

Presenters: Barbara L. Dorsett (EO) & Waynette Hanna

Participants will view and share concepts observed in a live interdisciplinary lesson.

Grade 6 

Creating Mathematics Videos

Presenters: Ms. Antonia Bain; Dr. Joan D. Rolle​

Technology provides dynamic opportunities for instruction in mathematics and STEM classrooms. Teachers can enhance the learning process and make concepts come alive through engaging and interactive media.

Grade 1

Cross-curricula Integration and Enrichment

Presenters: Gwendeline Conliffe; Yienderia Martin

The session will analyze the Grade 1 Pacing Guide; provide suggestions for activities to be utilized during Enrichment Days.

Grade 4

Stir it Up…Literacy in Religious Studies!

Presenters: Philippa Rolle, S.M. Alexandria Ferguson, T.T.

"Research shows that teacher integration of literacyrelated instructional strategies facilitates student learning across all content areas.” ( This workshop seeks to expose teachers to literacybased instructional strategies that could be used to improve content-area learning. Key reading strategies that work in every content area will be explored. These include the following: activate prior knowledge, infer meaning, use word attack strategies, visualize and use graphic organizers. These strategies will be applied to content from the Primary Religious Studies Curriculum during the workshop. Teachers will also be exposed to online resources that could be utilized.

Primary Performing Arts

How to Effectively use Office 365

Presenter: Ms. Aldeka Colebrooke

Teachers will create forms, create surveys, explore the SharePoint app.

Grade 2 

Cross-curricula Integration and Enrichment

Presenter: Gwendeline Conliffe; Yienderia Martin

The session will analyze the Grade 2 Pacing Guide; provide suggestions for activities to be utilized during Enrichment Days.

Grade 5

Effective Use of Social Media in the Classroom- (Facebook)

Presenters: Joanne Turnquest & Lonice Hart

This session will assist teachers to effectively integrate Social Media, namely Facebook, into class lessons, assignments and homework. Participants will learn how to perform the role of an administrator in a group or page and to set roles or privileges to certain persons. The participants will be given strategies to develop digital citizenship, in their students by setting rules for the operation of the group or page, submission of work, and online behavior.

Primary Computer Studies

Turn Your PDF into an Interactive Flipbook

Presenter: Mrs. Nicola Archer​

Import one or several PDF’s into Flipping Book Publisher to create a digital publication in a fast and easy way.


Performing Arts (High School)

Planning, Preparation and Execution of Instruction in the Digital Era

Presenter: Dr. Dion Cunningham

At the conclusion of the session, music educators would be more equip to deliver content in the virtual environment.

High School Mathematics

Navigating the Mathematics Scope & Sequence

Presenter: Greta P. Kemp

Teachers will distinguish the differences in a topic’s objectives within a particular strand and across two or more strands from grades 7 – 12. Determine appropriate activities at each grade level 7 to 12 in a particular topic.

Social Studies Junior High

Inquiry Based Learning in a Social Studies Virtual Classroom

Presenters: Mrs. Jessica Darville

This session is geared towards Social Studies teachers in creating lessons that encourage Inquiry Based Learning. The focus of the session will demonstrate how the Inquiry Based Learning can be implemented into Social Studies lesson so as to enhance student engagement. Inquiry Based.

Modern Languages

Putting It All Together: An Holistic Approach

Presenter: Mrs. Alicia Brennen-Brathwaite

Welcome educators in Modern Language Unit from Primary to Senior High to a “new normal” for the new school year and discuss pertinent information.

Language Arts (High School)

Microsoft Word

Presenters: Keva Knowles & Wendy Newton-Bowe

Microsoft Word 

Provide in depth knowledge of the editing features 

Enhance ability to provide feedback to students on work submitted.

Explore a variety of editing features that facilitate feedback and exchange with students on their work. 

Agricultural Science

Hydroponics farming and the “National Emergency Food Plan”

Presenter: Jerry Kelly

Hydroponics farming is one of the best ways to ensure a reliable and cost effective, energy and water saving method of growing crops all year round. In this session teachers will be introduced to the hydroponics production technology system adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources.

Religious Studies

“Assessing Teachers in a Blended Learning Environment”

Presenter: Ms. Ruth E. Pennerman

Whether it is in the traditional or virtual classroom, it is necessary that teachers use various skills and strategies when Whether it is in the traditional or virtual classroom, it is necessary that teachers use various skills and strategies when executing the lesson. Reasoning, empathy, interpretation and inquiry are just a few skills that should be utilized by teachers. In addition, the lesson must have a thematic approach; relating Bible to real life situations. In this session, teachers will be reintroduce to these skills as the presenter identifies the ‘look fors’ in assessing the Religious Studies teachers.  

Visual Arts

(Primary & High School Teachers)

Computer Graphics

Presenter: Theo McLain

This seminar highlights and explores techniques that help art educators create computer graphics.

Health & Family Life (High School)

Webinar 3 Focus on Youth

Presenters: Lynette Deveaux and team

Model Session 5 CImPACT Parent Session.

Social Sciences

The Way Forward in a Virtual Classroom

Presenter: Yolande Cole-Samuels

Teachers will be able to understand the importance of teaching virtually Teachers will learn about best practices that can assist with the development of lesson kits, schemes and lessons Teachers will appreciate the role of technology in articulating lessons.


Completing Practical coursework One line: Teaching, practicing assessing skills how do you continue?

Presenter: Mr. K. Dawkins

This session will expose teachers to how they can complete coursework or a practical on line and complete the assessment.

Physical Education

(Primary and High School Teachers)

Let’s Wrap It Up: Embarking into our New Normal

Presenter: EO Clara Storr

A question and answer segment for Physical Education to prepare for a virtual environment.


Business Studies Junior

How to adjust to teaching virtually.

Presenter: Iris Strachan

This session will give teachers the opportunity to express how they feel as it pertains to the reopening of school and preparations for working in a full virtual environment.

Family & Consumer Studies

Education on Demand *Webinar Creation *Course Outline *Online Office Hours for Students *Open House for Parents

Presenter: Ms. Raquel Turnquest

This webinar seeks to familiarize all Family and Consumer Science Teachers with the necessary procedures to be followed or strategies to be employed to cope with a shift between any and all of the School Reopening Models developed by the Department of Education.

Business Studies Senior

“Orientation of Newly Appointed Business Teachers”

Presenter: Education Officer Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson

This session is designed to inform newly appointed teachers of their role and responsibilities as a Business Studies teacher and briefly outline the purpose of pacing guides, resources kits and team teaching.

Technical Studies

One click at a time…How to Not Be Overcome by the Virtual World

This session is to give teachers tools to avoid becoming overwhelmed and burnt out in the Virtual World.


Special Education

Plan 11 Special Education SubCommittee

Presenter: Dr. Carolynn Hall Knowles

The purpose of this workshop is to share plans for students with special educational needs and the reopening of schools for with Special Education Teachers Teacher Aides, Parents and Caregivers (Stakeholders).

School Psychologists 

Fostering Resilience Through Adversity by Balancing the Unbalance.

Presenter: Miss Atiya Wildgoose

& Antoinette Lewis-Deveaux

This interactive session will evoke participants into discovering different methods of improving the relationship with students while in a virtual/blended classrooms. Teachers will discuss three types of students (typical. Ideal and problematic) and how they can foster resiliency in these students while promoting learning. The session will define academic self-efficacy, behavioral self-control, and academic self-determination.


Guidance & Counselling

The Buoyant Guidance & Counselling Unit

Presenters: Mazorian Powell & Clevette Gibson

In groups, counsellors will highlight the salient points of the session and incorporate them into a personal plan for the new school year.